Administrative Procedures A-Z

Administrative Procedures A - Z

This Administrative Procedures Manual is designed to be the primary written source of administrative direction for the District. It is designed to be entirely consistent with the Board Policy Handbook, and is an extension of policy in the form of procedures. This Manual may make further reference to other detailed administrative documents that have been developed to provide specific guidelines on selected matters.


Acceptable Use of Information and Communication Technology AP 140
Acceptable Use of Technology Procedures AP 140 Appendix A
Failure to Comply AP 140 Appendix B
ICT Use Rules and Etiquette AP 140 Appendix C
Access to Buildings AP 543
Accountability Reporting AP 107
Administering Medication or Medical Treatment AP 316
Administrative Guidelines for Retention of Students AP 222
Administrative Organization Plan AP 450
Competencies for District Office Administrators AP 450 Appendix B
Organization Charts AP 450 Appendix A
Organization Chart – Business and Finance Department AP 450 Appendix AD
Organization Chart – Division AP 450 Appendix AA
Organization Chart – Education AP 450 Appendix AF
Organization Chart – Human Resources Department AP 450 Appendix AB
Organization Chart – Director of Education AP 450 Appendix AC
Organization Chart – Superintendent's Office AP 450 Appendix AE
Admission of Foreign Students AP 301
Adult Education AP 235
Advertising and Distribution of Materials AP 153
AGLC CGP Handbook Section 5.8: Education - Use of Proceeds AP 520 Appendix A
Alcohol on District Premises AP 163
Alcohol, Restricted and Illicit Drugs Use AP 353
Animals in Schools AP 255
Annual District Budget AP 501
Annual Education Results Report AP 101
Annual Leaves of Absence AP 408
Leave of Absence Agreement Form 408-1
Annual School Budgets AP 502
Authorized Signature and Cheque Writing Services AP 514


Building and Grounds Maintenance AP 544


Career and Technology Foundation/Studies AP 215
Cash Management AP 512
Petty Cash Reconcilation Form 512-1
Cash Management and Investments AP 504
Certificate of Good Health AP 406
Commercial Electronic Messages (Anti-Spam) AP 147
Communicable Diseases AP 161
Blood and Body Fluid Clean Up Protocol AP 161 Appendix B
List of Communicable Diseases AP 161 Appendix C
Prevention of Blood Borne Diseases AP 161 Appendix A
Communications AP 150
Community Use of School Facilities AP 550
Computer Software AP 191
Conflict of Interest AP 404
Controversial Issues and Resources AP 205
Copyright AP 190
Fair Dealing Guidelines AP 190 Appendix A
Copyright Permission Form Form 190-3
Corporate Identity AP 158
Course Challenge AP 365
CUPE Code of Conduct AP 445
CUPE Discipline AP 446


Defibrillators AP 167
Designation of Authorized School-School Authority Epinephrine Auto-Injector Purchaser Form Form 317-1
Development and Review of Administrative Procedures AP 121
Dispute Resolution AP 152
District Office Out of Scope Management Vacation, Statutory and Leaves AP 412
Donations AP 526
Duty to Report AP 403
FMPSD Whistleblower: Disclosure of Wrongdoing For Form 403-1
PIDA Disclosure of Wrongdoing Form Form 403-2


Early Childhood Services AP 210
Ages Funding Eligibility in ECS Programs AP 210 Appendix A
Educational Summary Form 260-2
Electronic Social Media AP 146
Electronic Surveillance (Video Camera) AP 181
Surveillance Video Release Form Form 181-1
Surveillance System Log Form 181-2
Emergency Closings AP 132
Emergency Plans AP 165
Employee and Family Assistance Program AP 407
Employee Consulting Activities AP 409
Employee Recognition of Service AP 415
Employee Resignations AP 419
English as a Second Language AP 211
Enterprise Risk Management AP 509
Environmental Practices AP 546
Evaluation of Instructional Programs AP 280
Evaluation of School Administrative Staff AP 432
Evaluation of Support Staff AP 442
Event Protocol AP 155
Expense Reimbursements AP 513
Expense Reimbursement Rates AP 513 Appendix A
Lost Receipt Form Form 513-1
External Placements AP 306


Facilities Construction AP 542
Facilities Planning AP 540
Selection of Architect AP 540 Appendix A
Flag Protocol AP 157
Fleet Management AP 570
Field Trip Application Form Form 260-1
Field Trip Vehicle Log and Inspection Form 260-9
Field Trips and Excursions AP 260
Risk Classification AP 260 Appendix A
Disclosure Letters AP 260 Appendix B
Field Trip / Excursion, Waiver Forms Information AP 260 Appendix C
Financial Accountability and Audits AP 510
First Nation, Métis, Inuit Education Programs AP 209
Fitness for Duty Guidelines AP 448
Fitness for Work Form 448-1
Fiscal Management AP 500
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy AP 180
Collection of Personal Information Notice AP 180 Appendix A
Fundraising AP 520


GPS (Global Positioning Software) on School Buses AP 183
Graduation Exercises AP 375
Guidance and Counselling AP 240


Harassment in the Workplace AP 170
Hazardous Chemicals Management AP 545
Hazard Mitigation - Employees, Volunteers and Others AP 449
Hazard Mitigation - Employees, Volunteers and Others AP 449 Appendix A
COVID-19 Rapid Test Attestation AP 449 Appendix B
Health and Safety of Students and Staff AP 160
Occupational Health and Safety Compliance AP 160 Appendix A
Fire Safety Precautions AP 160 Appendix B
Incident Report Form 160-1
Health Certification And Parents’/Guardians’ Waiver Form 260-3
Health Promoting School Environment AP 164
Healthy Eating Food Guide AP 164 Appendix A
Home Education AP 270
Home Education Notification Form Form 270-1
Home Education Program Plan Form Form 270-2
Home Education Program Plan: Review Criteria Form 270-3
Human Sexuality Program AP 206


Illness/Injury at School AP 315
Imprest Account and Division Charge Cards AP 516
Cheque Request Form 516-1
Incident Report on the Use of Restraint/Seclusion Form 223-1
Inclusive Education AP 213
Programs for Gifted Students AP 213 Appendix A
Independent Students AP 303
Insurance Management AP 530
International Student / Student Exchange Program AP 302
Interrogation and Searches AP 352


Knowledge and Employability Courses AP 214


Learning Commons AP 250
Legal Custody of Children AP 322
Life Threatening Medical Conditions AP 317
Action Steps for Anaphylaxis Management AP 317 Appendix A
How to Use the Epi Pen Auto-Injector AP 317 Appendix B
The Basics of Asthma Allergies and Anaphylaxis AP 317 Appendix D
Using your Twinject Auto Injector AP 317 Appendix C
Local Authorities Pension Plan AP 444
Locally Developed Acquired and Authorized Courses AP 219


Materials Resource Management AP 517
Medical Treatment Of Students At School Release Form Form 316-2
Media Relations AP 151
Modified Work Program AP 411
Modified Work Program Form Form 411-1
Multiculturalism AP 203


Naming Opportunities Honourary and Commemorative AP 541


Off-Campus Education Programs AP 216
Registered Apprenticeship Program AP 216 Appendix A
Online Education AP 230
Organization for Instruction AP 200
Class Size Monitoring AP 200 Appendix A
Outreach Program AP 221


Pandemic Response AP 166
Parental Permission Form Form 190-4
Partnerships AP 525
Ethical Guidelines for Business- Education Partnerships AP 525 Appendix A
Patents, Copyrights and Royalties AP 192
Patriotic Exercises AP 207
Pediculosis (Lice) AP 318
FAQ asked Questions about Head Lice AP 318 Appendix A
Head Lice Steps for Effective Treatment AP 318 Appendix B
Personal Use of District Equipment and Materials AP 549
Personnel Records AP 402
Planning For A Field Trip – Checklist A Form 260-4
Playground Equipment AP 551
Policy and Procedures Dissemination AP 120
Political Electioneering AP 154
Portable Technology Security AP 141
Possession of Weapons or Potentially Dangerous Items in School AP 354
Position Descriptions AP 470
Principal’S Final Checklist For Out-Of-Town Travel Form 260-5
Professional Staff Development Opportunities AP 423
Programs in Languages other than English AP 212
Protection of Staff AP 175
Protection of Valuables in Schools AP 507
Purchase/Connection of Equipment AP 548
Purchasing AP 515
Purchasing of Hazardous Materials AP 515 Appendix A


Quality Practice Standard for Support Staff AP 441


Recording of Conversations AP 182
Recognition and Retirement of Staff Members AP 416
System Record Retention AP 185
Workspace Security and Organization AP 185 Appendix A
Records Retention Schedule AP 185 Appendix B
Certificate of Destruction for Schools and Departments Form 185-1
Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force AP 426
Relocation Advance AP 429
Relocation Expenses of New Division Administrators AP 439
Report Regarding Suspected Abuse/Neglect Form 325-1
Reporting Child Abuse AP 325
Request For The Administration Of Medication Or Medical Treatment Form 316-1
Research Studies AP 290
Reserve Funds AP 503
Role Of The Director of Administration and Human Resources AP 455
Role of the Director of Education AP 454
Role of the Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance AP 453
Role of the Assistant Superintendent, Education AP 452
Role of the Principal AP 430
Role of the Teacher AP 420
Role of the Vice Principal AP 431


Sample Consent Form For Field Trips/Excursions (In & Out Of Province) Form 260-6
Sample Copyright Information Labels Form 190-5
Sample Field Trip Letter To Parents/Guardians Form 260-7
Sample “General” Copyright Release Permission Form Form 190-1
Sample “Specific” Copyright Release Permission Form Form 190-2
School Attendance Areas AP 305
School Based Decision Making AP 105
School Based Management – Staffing AP 106
School Councils AP 110
School Day - Inclement Weather AP 131
School Education Plans and Annual Reports AP 102
School Entrance Age AP 300
School Generated Funds AP 511
School Medical Response Plan Template Form 316-3
School Properties Disposal Procedure AP 518
School Reviews AP 103
School Student Achievement Awards AP 371
School Year AP 130
Staff Training and Development Opportunities AP 130 Appendix A
Service Dogs AP 256
Sharing Information on Students with Status Under Youth Criminal Justice Act AP 321
Smoke-Free Facilities AP 162
Smudging / Pipe Ceremonies AP 162 Appendix A
Special Projects AP 218
Specialized Assessment AP 362
Spectator Code of Conduct AP 159
Specialized Services for Students and Children AP 340
Staff Agreement To Comply Form 140-2
Staff Employment AP 400
Criminal Record Check and Child Intervention Record Checks AP 400 Appendix A
Staff Participation in Political Activities AP 410
Staff Supervisory Relationships AP 401
Student-Initiated Course Challenge Assessment Form 365-1
Student Attendance AP 330
Student Agreement To Comply Form 140-1
Student Appeals AP 390
Student Appeals of School Awarded Marks AP 391
Student Assessment Evaluation and Reporting AP 360
Standardized Tests AP 360 Appendix A
Student Awards and Scholarships AP 370
Student Conduct on School Buses AP 351
Student Discipline AP 355
Student Fees AP 505
Application For Discounted School Fees AP 505 Appendix A
Student Field Trip Bus Transportation AP 562
Student Fundraising Activities AP 521
Student Information System (SIS) AP 304
Student Insurance Program AP 531
Student Records AP 320
Student Rights and Responsibilities AP 350
Student Code of Conduct AP 350 Appendix A
Student Safety Patrols AP 312
Student Supervision AP 310
Student Teaching AP 424
Student Transportation in Private Vehicles AP 565
Student Transportation Services AP 560
Transportation Fees AP 560 Appendix A
Student Travel Waiver Form 260-8
Students Assisting Students Program AP 385
Students’ Council AP 380
Substitute Personnel for School Based Support Staff AP 461
Support Staff AP 440
Support Staff Extra Duty AP 447
Support Staff Professional Development AP 443
Surplus Land and Buildings AP 519


Teacher Assistant Supervisor AP 462
Teacher Evaluation Report – Interim Certification Form 422-2
Teacher Evaluation Report – Permanent Certification Form 422-1
Teacher Growth Supervision and Evaluation AP 422
Teachers on Call AP 460
Term Appointment for School Administrators AP 434
Three Year Education Plan AP 100


Use of District Owned Vehicles AP 580
Motor Vehicle Damage Accident Report Form 580-1
Use of Personal Communication Devices (PCDS) AP 145


Vandalism AP 357
Property Damage Report Form 357-1
Visit Protocol AP 156
Volunteer Registration Form Form 490-1
Volunteers AP 490
Volunteers Coaches and Supervisors AP 491
Respect in Sport – Coach/Activity Leader Program AP 491 Appendix A


Worker Contract Status Determination AP 480
Working Alone AP 405