Administrative Procedure 106

School Based Management - Staffing


Decisions respecting the allocation of professional and support staff within the Division schools are best recommended by principals. The Superintendent or designate will review school-level decision-making regarding professional and support staff assignments.


  1. The Division shall establish an annual Resource Allocations fund for Division schools to provide for school staffing requirements and for supplies, equipment, and services (SES).
  2. Resource allocations shall reflect an estimate of staffing costs (based on projected averaged costs for all categories as derived from projections of populations and distributions) and minimum SES requirements.
  3. The Associate Superintendent of Business and Finance shall be responsible for identifying resource allocations for each school and, subject to the approval of the Superintendent, for advising principals of these allocations.
  4. Principals shall be responsible within the constraints of resource allocations for developing School Education Plans which address school and Division Priorities. Draft Education Plans are to be reviewed with the Assistant Superintendent, Education and the Superintendent. School budget plans shall be part of the School Education Plan and shall include proposals for staffing.
  5. School Education Plans shall be submitted to the Associate Superintendent of Business and Finance for review.
  6. The Associate Superintendent of Business and Finance shall have the authority to recommend the School Education Plan to the Superintendent for approval or to direct that the plan be amended.
  7. The Principal shall have the right to appeal to the Superintendent against the direction to amend the plan.
  8. The Superintendent shall, upon receipt of the Associate of Business and Finance's recommendations, either approve the plan or direct that the plan be amended.
  9. The Superintendent will report to the Board annually on a timely basis respecting the whole of the staffing component of School Education Plans and the Board reserves the right to direct further amendments respecting provisions for staffing and the balance of funds available for supplies, equipment, and services.
  10. Implementation of School Education Plan provisions shall commence subsequent to Board review.


February 15, 1988


December 4, 2001, November 25, 2015; September 21, 2016, February 19, 2020, August 23, 2021, December 30, 2021


Section 52, 53, 55, 68, 197, 204, 222, 225 Education Act

School Councils Regulation AR 94/2019

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