Administrative Procedure 153

Advertising And Distribution Of Materials


It is in the best interests of students and their learning to cooperate with community businesses and organizations in bringing worthwhile information and opportunities to students and their parents. The advertising and distribution in schools of non-school activities, services and/or information shall occur only if they enhance the ongoing educational program in the school. The Principal or Superintendent has the responsibility for approving these activities in accordance with these procedures.


  1. Advertising of community activities is permitted if approved by the Principal or Superintendent, with the exception of:
    1. Activities sponsored by alcohol, cannabis, or tobacco companies;
    2. Activities with a clear profit motive and no educational value to students.
  2. The advertising of products or services by a commercial business, organization, or agency is permitted at the discretion of the Principal or Superintendent, provided that it contributes to the social or educational benefit of students or their families.
  3. The advertising and sale of school-related services such as school photos, yearbooks, calendars, agendas, school clothing and jewellery are permitted at the discretion of the Principal or Superintendent.
  4. The advertising of educational products or services aimed at staff by a commercial business is permitted if the products or services may be of interest to staff and the Principal or Superintendent approves the specific print material. Such advertisements shall be restricted to the staff room or staff mailboxes.
  5. Advertising in school publications such as newsletters and yearbooks shall be at the discretion of the Principal or Superintendent.
  6. Unsolicited advertisements of non-school commercial activities, products, or services will not be sent home with students. However, teachers may choose to offer participation in book clubs or incentive programs on the approval of the Principal or Superintendent.
  7. Sometimes business firms or organizations produce materials, products, websites, etc. which are of considerable value for school use, the production of which is designed to create general goodwill for the producer rather than to encourage directly the sale of a specific product or service. Such materials may be accepted for use in schools if all of the following conditions are met:
    1. The materials are judged by the Superintendent and Principal to have sufficient educational or other value to justify their being used in schools;
    2. The advertising is inconspicuous; and
    3. The conditions of their use within the schools are determined solely by the Principal or Superintendent and are not imposed by any outside agency.
  8. The distribution of materials relative to fund raising for or in conjunction with community organizations or businesses, school or school-related fund raising shall be at the discretion of the Principal or Superintendent, subject to the following:
    1. All fund-raising activities shall comply with Division provisions.
    2. Release of lists of names and addresses of staff or students to any outside individual, company, or organization is prohibited.
    3. The sale or distribution for sale of tickets or goods, canvassing of, and the taking of collections from students within the schools or on Division property by or on behalf of any outside individual or organization without the express permission of the Superintendent is prohibited.
    4. The distribution of free admission tickets to students where the purchase of an adult’s ticket is required as a condition of use is prohibited.
    5. Any promotion, advertising, distribution of materials, goods or services by which any individual staff member might accrue any financial gain is prohibited.
  9. Authorization for the distribution of all other materials and/or products is left to the discretion of the Superintendent.
  10. The distribution of material addressed in this procedure through the Division without the prior approval of the Superintendent is prohibited.
  11. Contractual arrangements for school use of specific products and/or team or activity sponsorship are possible with the recommendation of the Principal and approval by the Associate Superintendent – Business and Finance.


September 21, 2016


October 23, 2018, August 23, 2021, December 30, 2021


Section 52, 53, 197, 222, 256 Education Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Cross References:

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AP 404 Conflict of Interest