Administrative Procedure 156

Visit Protocol


The Superintendent has been given the responsibility to ensure positive internal and external communications are developed and maintained. Proper protocol is to be followed for visits that occur within the Division.


  1. Royal and Other Dignitary Visits
    1. While rare, school boards or schools occasionally may be included in royal visits (including those of Canada’s Governor-General and/or Alberta’s Lieutenant Governor); visits by the Prime Minister or Premier; senior cabinet ministers; ambassadors; or other prominent dignitaries. In such circumstances, the formal protocol of either the Government of Canada or Province of Alberta takes precedent. Information on proper protocol in these special circumstances can be obtained from the Government of Alberta. The Superintendent must be contacted in these instances.
    2. In these circumstances, it is expected local event organizers will ensure trustees are properly recognized and included in the event whenever possible.
  2. Special Visits
    1. The Division, in recognizing its responsibilities to share educational experiences, welcomes visitors to the school system.
    2. Visits to schools by persons from outside the school system shall be arranged by such officials as the Superintendent may appoint. Such visits will be arranged in consultation with the principals and teachers concerned.
    3. The Superintendent will extend to visitors, at Division expense, such courtesies as s/he may deem desirable.
  3. General Visits
    1. All visitors to a school are expected to make their presence known to the Principal or designate, and display visitor identification at all times.
    2. Signs indicating this expectation, and the direction to the school office, are to be posted at each unlocked entrance, and at other visible points in the school.
    3. The Principal determines right of access to the school. Principals may have to restrict or refuse permission for an individual or group to visit the school.


September 21, 2016


December 30, 2021


Section 23, 52, 53, 196, 197, 222 Education Act

Petty Trespass Act

Provincial Government Protocol

Federal Government Protocol

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