Administrative Procedure 161 – Appendix B

Blood And Body Fluid Clean Up Protocol

For safe and effective clean up of vomit or small blood spills pre- assembled kits are available from janitorial or safety supply companies or you can easily assemble one and keep in a Ziploc bag near the first aid kit.

Basic Body Fluid Spill Kit:

  • Disposable gloves (Latex free)
  • Commercial absorbent 1
  • (1/2cup) (including product Material Safety Data Sheet)
  • 2 plastic disposable waste bags with twist tie
  • Disposable wiping cloth or paper towels
  • Thin piece of cardboard or plastic scoop/scraper
  • Protective eye goggles
  • Labeled spray bottle for dispensing Disinfectant Solution2
  • Clean up protocol instruction sheet


  • 1 disposable N-95 respirator (if there is risk of splashing or aerosol generation)
  • 1 pair of disposable shoe covers
  • Disposable pre-packaged disinfectant wipes/towelettes

Blood/body Fluid Clean Up Procedure:

  • Isolate the spill area to prevent other people from contacting it.
  • Put on protective gloves, eye goggles and respirator.
  • Gather towels and spray bottle of disinfectant solution (mixed fresh).
  • If using a sorbent apply over the spill and wait for it to gel.
  • Remove all visible debris/material using paper towels and/or scraper tools working from least to most soiled area. Pre-clean the area with the disinfectant and wipe clean. Place the towels and debris in a plastic bag.
  • Apply a second application of the disinfectant and allow to remain wet for the minimum contact time required by the product and let air dry. If using EP-50 the minimum contact time is five (5) minutes. (Note: consult with the custodian if the spill is on a carpet or soft furnishings)
  • Place soiled paper towels and disposable equipment in plastic bag.
  • Remove gloves (folding inside out) and respirator and place in plastic bag with soiled towels.
  • Close plastic bag and place in a second plastic bag and dispose of as general waste.
  • Wash hands and thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Wash non-disposable equipment with soap and water and rinse in disinfectant solution.

For more information contact the Division Safety Coordinator.

1 “Super-Sorb” or similar product is available through the custodian

2 Avmor EP-50 Disinfectant in proper dilutions is available on site from the custodian. This should be mixed fresh. This is preferred over bleach. If bleach is the only product available mix a fresh 10% solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts water). Contact time for bleach is a minimum of 10 minutes.


September 21, 2016


December 30, 2021


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Emergency Medical Aid Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Health Information Act

Occupational Health and Safety Act

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Ministerial Directive 4.1.1 – HIV / AIDS in Educational Settings

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Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

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