Administrative Procedure 200

Organization For Instruction


The Principal is held accountable for the organization of the plan for instruction in his/her school.


  1. 1. The Principal, in consultation with staff, shall develop a school plan which shall clearly outline the:
    1. Organization of classes;
    2. Organization of teacher assignments;
    3. Course offerings of the school; and
    4. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  2. The function of assigning students to classes is the responsibility of the Principal, in consultation with all staff members affected at that instructional level. As much as possible, schools are to utilize heterogeneous groupings of students.
  3. It is further recognized that there may be a desire to group students in different grades or different courses in the same class.


September 21, 2016


December 30, 2021


Section 11, 52, 53, 196, 197, 222, Education Act

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