Administrative Procedure 209

First Nation, Métis, Inuit Education Programs


Students who are First Nations, Métis or Inuit will be positively encouraged to self-identify and will be encouraged to achieve or exceed the learner outcomes of the provincial program of study and complete high school.

The Division is committed to increasing the achievement of all students, including students identified as First Nation, Métis & Inuit (FNMI) First Nation, Métis & Inuit educational programming for students who are First Nation, Metis and Inuit will also provide opportunities for staff, students and the community to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of First Nation, Métis & Inuit histories, cultures, languages and lifestyles. The District is committed to the success of every student and ensuring each student has every opportunity to succeed. The District believes in the importance of giving voice to and engaging the Indigenous community in decisions that affect the education of their children. 


  1. FNMI educational programs and services will operate in accordance with Alberta Education policy, guidelines and regulations to ensure high quality inclusive and culturally respectful learning and teaching opportunities.
  2. The Principal shall strengthen collaborative processes between school staff, students, parents, communities and other stakeholders, to improve the attendance and educational outcomes of students who are First Nations, Métis and Inuit.
  3. The Principal shall report progress annually on the achievement of students who are FNMI and the strategies used to increase student achievement.
  4. The Principal shall ensure staff increase their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of FNMI cultures and languages, and support all students to do the same.
  5. School staff shall recognize and respect the role, participation and expertise of Elders and cultural advisors in the school, classrooms and at school-sponsored events or celebrations.
  6. The Principal shall permit the reasonable use of spiritual practices as part of celebrations or ceremonies to recognize the importance of spirituality as shared by local Elders.
  7. The Principal shall ensure that students and staff who are FNMI have access to culturally sensitive support services when requested.
  8. The Division will provide support, resources and professional learning to school – based staff and liaisons to support the learning and achievement of students who are FNMI.


February 20, 1989


June 26, 2007, March 30, 2015, September 21, 2016, December 30, 2021


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