Administrative Procedure 230

Online Education


Special circumstances occasionally prevail which necessitate a student to take courses by Online Education.


  1. Online Education courses may be taken upon the approval and recommendation of the Principal.
  2. A student who receives the approval of the Principal to take a course or courses by correspondence may be reimbursed the cost of the fees after successful completion of the Online Education course(s) and submission and approval of Form 230-1.
  3. Requests for Online Education courses on behalf of a sick or infirm student shall be directed to the Principal. Upon approval by the Principal, Online Education courses will be supplied free of charge to any student who is unable to attend a District school on a regular basis because of chronic illness or infirmity.


September 21, 2016


December 31, 2021


Section 3, 11, 18, 31, 33, 52, 53, 197, 222 Education Act

Cross Reference:

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