Administrative Procedure 423

Professional Staff Development Opportunities


The Board shall establish professional development funds annually in the budget.


Professional Development activities shall be considered to include professional reading, conference and workshop attendance, credit and non-credit courses, the writing of articles for publication, and participation in curriculum related committees at the provincial, District and school level.


  1. Professional Development
    Each Principal, in consultation with the Superintendent, will develop a one or two-year professional development plan which shall reflect the District's current and future requirements, those of the individual school and the outcome of the administrative evaluation process.
    1. Support for Professional Development
      1. Centralized Professional Development Budget:
        Each teacher will have access of $300 per year which may be carried over to the next year to a maximum of $600;
      2. Support for Conference Attendance:
        The District will reimburse teachers who attend approved workshops and conference upon receiving acceptable receipts on the basis of:
        1. Registration fees (no membership fees);
        2. Transportation (based on airfare, when appropriate); and
        3. Subsistence according to the schedule established from time to time by the Superintendent.
      3. Substitutes:
        The District will pay substitute costs associated with teachers' attendance at conferences, workshops, and curriculum committees; and
      4. Support for Course-work:
        If a teacher has been invited by the District to attend a credit or non-credit course, expenses for tuition, board and room and travel may be paid. Expenses will be paid upon submission of a statement indicating the successful completion of the course.
  2. Workshop and Conference Attendance – Principals
    Principals may attend workshops and conferences both within Fort McMurray and beyond the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo under the following conditions:
    1. The topic of the workshop or conference is consistent with the Principal's professional development plan;
    2. Attendance is approved by the Superintendent or any committee established by the Superintendent for the purpose of reviewing applications for professional development activities;
    3. The maximum number of conferences of workshops a Principal may attend during a school year is two;
    4. The maximum number of out-of-province conferences or workshops a Principal may attend is one during any school year or two over a period of three school years;
    5. The Principal agrees to report on the proceedings of the conference or workshop to other Principals; and
    6. There is a balance of approvals amongst the District's principals during the school year.
  3. Workshop and Conference Attendance – Teachers
    Teachers may attend workshops and conferences beyond the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo under the following conditions:
    1. The topic of the workshop or conference is consistent with the school's/teacher's professional development plan;
    2. Attendance is approved by the Principal and Superintendent or designate;
    3. The maximum out-of-class time related to professional development activities does not exceed a total of five days for the school year;
    4. The teacher agrees to report the proceedings of the conference or workshop to the school staff; and
    5. There is a balance of approvals among teachers of the school for conference or workshop attendance, during the current school year.
  4. Professional Development Plan
    1. School Plan:
      In consultation with the staff, each Principal is expected to develop an annual professional development plan for the school. In the development of this plan, consideration is to be given to the current and future requirements of the District, the school and the individual teachers. This plan will provide the basis for the approval of requests for professional development activities.
    2. Teachers Plans:
      Individual teacher development plans are to be developed by the Principal and individual teachers. The plan and its accomplishment will constitute one aspect of the teacher evaluation process.


August 26, 1983


February 13, 2012


September 21, 2016


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