Administrative Procedure 431

Role Of The Vice-Principal


The Vice-Principal shall co-operate fully with the Principal in all matters concerning the organization and operation of the school and discharge conscientiously all responsibilities delegated to him by the Principal.


  1. In the event that the Principal is unavailable to carry out the responsibilities outlined in Administrative Procedure 430 – Role of the Principal, the Vice-Principal will fulfill the role.
  2. In schools where there is more than one (1) Vice-Principal, the Principal will identify the order in which responsibility will be assigned in his/her absence.
  3. In schools without a designated Vice-Principal or when all administrators are absent from the school, the Principal will identify the teacher who is authorized to act in his/her absence.


February 27, 1974, September 21, 2016




Section 19, 20, 60, 61, 95, 96, 113 School Act

Principal Quality Practice Guideline

School Leadership Framework

Collective Agreement