Administrative Procedure 440

Support Staff


Support staff members are a vital component of the educational programs and services provided to students. As a component of the educational team, support staff members are expected to demonstrate the competencies required in their positions, and to support District services to recognize the uniqueness of every student in the school.


  1. In recruiting support staff, the following criteria shall be considered:
    1. Needs of District students, and program needs, as perceived by District administrative personnel;
    2. Provisions of current terms and conditions of employment;
    3. Candidate interests, knowledge, education, ability and skills;
    4. Candidate suitability and compatibility based upon past performance and experience; and
    5. Willingness to continue professional development growth.
  2. In deploying and, when necessary, transferring support staff members, the following criteria shall be considered:
    1. Student and program needs as perceived by District administrative personnel;
    2. Experience, interests and training of support staff members;
    3. Staff request;
    4. Recommendation of the Principal; and
    5. Provisions of current Collective Agreement
  3. Transfers of currently employed support staff members will be considered before appointments are made from outside candidates.
  4. The Human Resources Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the transfer of all District support staff members.


September 21, 2016




Section 18, 20, 60, 61, 113, 116, 117 School Act

Employment Standards Code

Labour Relations Code

Collective Agreement