Administrative Procedure 449 Appendix A

Hazard Mitigation - Employees, Volunteers and Others

Instructions to attach your QR code of your COVID vaccination:

Please log into employee connect and click on the ‘Folder’ tab.

AP449 Appendix A


Click on the arrow button on Limit to Category: “All Categories”.

Choose the “SELF ATTACH”

AP449 Appendix A

This will take you to this page.
Please confirm the Description says “Proof of Vaccination”
Choose the file you would like to attach - a copy of your QR code of your COVID vaccination. This will notify the Human resources department to verify it using our scanner.

PLEASE remember to click ATTACH once uploaded.

AP449 Appendix A

If you have any questions, please contact Karyn Sullivan or Leanne Patey in the HR Department.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. Please take care and stay safe.