Administrative Procedure 450

Administrative Organization Plan


Administrative organization is to facilitate the achievement of educational goals in such a way that resources and services are delivered to the schools and classrooms effectively and efficiently.

The organization is to facilitate personalized staff interaction and, in the long term, increase initiative and work efficiency. It is not to be so formal as to depersonalize staff interaction nor so informal as to encourage the development of isolated administrative units. The achievement of specified educational goals is the common enterprise of system and school administrators.

The organizational design is to provide balanced direction and coordination and control for both staff and students in order to achieve school and Division excellence, equal educational opportunity, and consistency in the achievement of educational goals in the Division.


  1. Lines of responsibility (and, therefore, authority) are to be clearly delineated so that every individual in the organization has a correct understanding of his (her) position and function in relation to the total organization and its goals.
  2. Each member is given the degree of authority to assume his/her delegated responsibilities.
  3. Individuals and units within the organization are encouraged to use their initiative and talents to improve upon existing processes.
  4. The continuing evaluation of functions and methods, as well as the performance of individuals and groups is accepted as a positive process.
  5. Members of the organization seek the assistance of one another in solving problems.
  6. Individuals accept responsibility for decision-making appropriate to their roles, but do not permit position and/or authority to obstruct cooperation and productivity.
  7. Staff members share authority and responsibility through delegation.
  8. Contractual agreements between the Division and employee organizations are compatible with Division goals.
  9. Board policies and administrative procedures facilitate the achievement of Division goals.
  10. The organization is based upon trust and respect and reflects the traditions of democracy.
  11. The function of Division Office administration is to provide service and leadership to students, parents, staff and trustees.


December 4, 2001


February 13, 2012, September 21, 2016


Section 52, 53, 68, 197, 204, 222, 225 Education Act

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