Administrative Procedure 530

Insurance Management


The District shall maintain continuous insurance coverage in order to meet the requirements of legislation and to protect the investments and its constituents’ interests.


  1. The Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance shall review the District’s insurance coverage annually and make recommendations to the Superintendent regarding insurance coverage.
  2. The Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance shall make available to District employees and others as requested, information describing the District’s insurance coverage.
  3. The District will provide insurance coverage for the following:
    1. Buildings,
    2. Contents,
    3. Liability – for individual trustees, staff members, student teachers and interns, and volunteers; when the foregoing are performing duties authorized by the District,
    4. Crime,
    5. Automobile fleet,
    6. Travel accident,
    7. Student accident,
    8. Boiler and machinery,
    9. Errors and omissions,
    10. Sexual molestation and abuse,
    11. Course of construction and wrap up, and
    12. Air quality (fungus) liability.
  4. Building insurance shall be secured to provide coverage at full replacement cost.
  5. Contents insurance shall be obtained on an actual cash value basis.
    1. Claims made under the building and contents section of the insurance policy resulting from accidents, vandalism or theft shall be made by the Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance upon receipt of the required information from the Principal or site manager.
  6. Travel accident insurance shall be obtained to cover staff members and trustees while traveling on District business.
  7. The Principal and each site manager shall keep a record and submit it monthly to the Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance of:
    1. Accidents, regardless of the severity; and
    2. Property losses or damages.


September 21, 2016




Section 20, 60, 61, 113, 116 School Act