Administrative Procedure 560 - Appendix A

Transportation Fees

Yellow Bus Fees

  1. The 2021/2022 annual fee to access regular Yellow Bus Transportation is as follows:
    1. For all student riders, $41.00 per month or  $410.00 per year effective September 1, 2021 ;
    2. For students choosing a school other than their designated school or requesting an alternate address and who are eligible to access yellow bus $41.00 per month or $410.00 per year effective September 1, 2021. (Family cap does not apply to Choice students or additional addresses)
    3. For families using Yellow Bus Transportation from the same location, their yellow bus fees will be capped at three (3) times the monthly fee per student.
    4. Lost or misplaced passes can be purchased at the school for $10.00.
  2. Parents/Guardians are to pay the full fee at the start of the year or can set up for a pre authorized payment plan with the school. If your account falls in arrears the amount owing will be registered with a credit agency until such a time as the account is paid in full.  
  3. Bus fees for students will be calculated based on the home address and registration date with the Division for school, the amount payable shall be calculated as follows:
    1. Registration with the division before November 1: full amount in effect
    2. Registration with the division after November 1: amount prorated based on ten month calendar, with partial month counted as a full month.  
  4. Refunds:
    Refund of fees will be provided by cheque under the following conditions:
    1. Deregistration before September 30: full reimbursement except for a $25 administration/processing fee;
    2. Prorated refund of annual fee based on the number of months left in the school year. The month of withdrawal will not be included in the refund.
    3. Refunds will only be issued if the studentís account is up to date with no other fees outstanding.
    4. Refunds will only be issued if the students account is up-to-date with no other fees outstanding.
  5. For accounts which are not paid up by December 31, the Principal will arrange for meetings with parents to put in place payment options.  If payment is not received by January 15th, the amount owing will be registered with a credit agency until such a time as the account is paid in full.
  6. Second semester accounts will follow similar time- frames set out for first semester, and are read as March 15, March 30, April 10, April 20, April 30, May 10, and May 20.
  7. The Division  recognizes that from time to time, there may be a need to review fees due to hardship. When payment of transportation fees cannot be made in full, the parent(s) / guardian(s) or independent student is required to make written application for special consideration to their Principal, see appendix. The Principal has the authority to provide a payment plan or to reduce the fees. Any fee reduction will be charged to the school budget. Any hardship request must be made annually and supported by appropriate documentation.

RMWB Transit Fees

  1. Transit Passes for 2021/2022:
    All student monthly transit passes may be purchased directly at the designated points of sale operated by the RMWB. The High Schools will also have monthly student transit passes available for sale.
    Lost or misplaced passes can be purchased at the school at the current monthly transit pass rate.



September 21, 2016


June 13, 2018, October 23, 2018, July 31, 2019, August 29, 2019, February 19, 2020, June 8, 2020, February 25, 2021, August 23, 2021, December 22, 2021


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Cross Reference

AP 505 Student Fees

AP 505 Appendix Application For Discounted School/Transportation Fees