Administrative Procedure 562

Student Field Trip Bus Transportation


Curricular/extra-curricular field trips are an important part of a school’s education program. The District’s expectation is that the safest form of transportation of students to and from such activities is by District buses or by commercial carriers.


  1. Principals shall approve all curricular/extra-curricular field trip transportation.
    1. Parents shall be notified in writing of the mode of transportation to be used for all school-sponsored activities involving their children.
  2. Principals shall ensure that the appropriate application form (Form 562-1) is completed and forwarded to the Transportation Coordinator at least one (1) week in advance of all school-sponsored activities requiring District bus transportation.
    1. The Principal requesting District bus transportation will be charged a fee and is responsible for payment thereof.
  3. Principals may negotiate with commercial carriers for transportation to school-sponsored activities, subject to the terms and conditions of District transportation. Payment is from the school budget.
  4. The use of 15 passenger vans is prohibited.


September 21, 2016




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